MVA Monitor

The MVA Monitor is distributed weekly during the legislative session to provide insights from Raleigh, Charlotte and around the state to keep you informed about government policy, political, economic and business issues facing North Carolina.

MVA Monitor – August 18

The NCGA has been working on legislative business without holding any floor votes.  Last week, lawmakers returned take up veto-override votes.

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MVA Monitor – July 14

Last week, the House held votes on Wednesday, as lawmakers continued to negotiate thebgudget and legislation in conference committees. Next week holds a similar outlook.

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MVA Monitor – June 30

Last week, the NCGA had a busy week with votes on regulatory reform bills and veto overrides. Work continues on finalizing the 2023-24 State Budget.

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MVA Monitor – June 7

The NCGA continued moving bills and sent legislation to Governor Roy Cooper for final passage. Work continues towards a final resolution as the end of the long session is expected in the summer.

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MVA Monitor – June 2

Significant legislation was passed last week while House and Senate budget writers also continued their negotiations of the 2023-24 State Budget.

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MVA Monitor – May 26

Last week, lawmakers were in Raleigh to hold committee hearings and have floor votes. This week, the House and Senate will continue debating and passing legislation as budget negotiations continue.

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MVA Monitor – May 19

Last week, the North Carolina Senate unveiled and passed their version of the 2023-24 State Budget. 

This week, lawmakers will continue debating and moving legislation through policy committees.

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MVA Monitor – May 12

Last week, both chambers slowed after the rush to the Crossover deadline. This week, Senate will continue budget work.

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